Ingredients for a well styled life.
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Created and curated by Jennifer Jenner (JJ), a Sydney-based photographer and stylist, The Decadent Pantry is stocked with ingredients for a well styled life.

The ceramic items in residence here were initially inspired by JJ's desire to create tactile, beautiful, functional pieces she could use in her food photography and styling work. She hand-makes all of the ceramics we currently carry.

Other natural items, from wooden cutlery to linen napery, were curated initially much for the same reason, however JJ quickly discovered that using these beautiful pieces on a daily basis not only made meals feel a little bit more special, but created a sense of calm and joy.

We hope our collections bring you the same pleasure.

You can find us on Instagram @decadentpantry and Facebook /Decadent Pantry. We'd love to see how you're using our products, remember to tag us on #TheDecadentPantry!

JJ, more often known as @84thand3rd, is also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She blogs unprocessed, allergy friendly recipes with a creative twist at

We are regularly re-stocking and adding products. If there's something that is sold out and you're interested in securing future stock drop us an email on - and don't forget to join our mailing list for sneak peeks, shop updates and special offers!

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